Today’s featured senior session comes to you from Hailey Kemper of Wild Flower Photography, located in Huntersville, NC. Here is what Hailey had to say about her session!

Please describe the session: “Payton was one of my Wildflower Senior Models that came to me with previous modeling experience. Posing her was almost effortless for Payton’s senior session. She originally wanted a city/urban look for her senior session, but I suggested we give her more than one location option. So we settled on one of my favorite local spots, Davidson NC. “

“Payton also happens to be a budding artist, often showcasing her painting projects on instagram. I really wanted to incorporate her love of art into her senior session somehow. Luckily, as we were walking around, we stopped by AVA Gallery. They were so incredibly kind to allow us a few shots inside their studio. “

“After some time in downtown Davidson, we headed to one of my favorite locations nearby for a more natural Fall setting. “

“For some photographers, the sun going down may mean the end of the session. And sometimes it is for me too. But usually for my Model Team girls, I like to continue the session past sunset. That night, the Fall sky looked like it was on fire. It was so beautiful, and there’s no way I wasn’t going to pull over and grab a few shots. Since our first Model Team meeting, all of us have just thought Payton’s blue mini was adorable and fits her personality perfectly. I made sure to include that as well. Because later on down the road, when the car is gone, she’ll still be able to look through that album and see her cute car she had in high school. We also headed back to downtown Davidson for some night shots. I love when my Wildflower models are up for whatever, and I had this idea in my head that I’d been wanting to try. I brought my lighting equipment and my brother met us down there along with his vape. It was freezing and late, so we didn’t stay long. But I got the shot, and Payton was so cool to let me have some fun.”

Tell us about the gear used: “I’m a Nikon girl and used my D3s, 85mm 1.8, and Sigma ART 35mm 1.4. For the night shots, I used two bare flashes, one for backlighting and another off slightly to her left. The cloud is courtesy of some cotton candy vape.”

What inspired this session? “Payton’s Davidson senior session was able to give her both that sophisticated city look and a natural setting to change things up. What I love most about Payton is that she’s very multifaceted. She’s quirky and funny, but she’s also gorgeous, intelligent, creative, and driven. She’s a bit of a shopaholic, but doesn’t come across as a stereotypical fashion-obsessed teen. She’s cute and serious, quiet yet strong, and relatable but unique. I wanted to make sure we captured every part of her personality and interests as best we could.”

Hair and Makeup Artist:
Sabrina Simpson with Be Pretty Charlotte.

Thank you for sharing Hailey! You can see more of Hailey’s work on Instagram and Facebook!


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